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EVE Company Chronology

1889 Ernst Vetter (*12.01.1870), skilled steel engraver, receives an award on the occasion of the Paris World Exhibition

1910 Invention and patent registration of the first artificial tooth moulds for ready-made jacket crowns by Ernst Vetter, as an employee of the Zahnfabrik Wienand (Sprendlingen)

1925 Foundation of the Zahnfabrik Vetter (OHG) by Ernst Vetter and Arthur Vetter in Pforzheim

1930er Development and production of artificial teeth made of heat-cure polymerisation plastics.

1944/45 The Zahnfabrik Vetter is destroyed twice by bombing attacks. The company premises are relocated to the district of Weißenstein.

1950s Successful international product marketing under the brand names EVEDENT, EVECORE and EVEDUR

1963 Development and production of silicone polishers (in universal white R22). Successful market introduction at the IDS 1964 in Stuttgart

1970s Development of special polishers for ceramic (EVE ceramic) and for processing denture plastic (EVE technique).

1980er Expansion of the product range to include mixing cups and instruments made of silicone and Teflon as well as the centridur registration. Market introduction of the occusal surface polishers (EVEFLEX Pins). Discontinuation of dental production.

1990 Development of the first diamond polisher, Diapol®, for ceramic processing in dental applications. Conversion of the company into a GmbH - EVE Ernst Vetter GmbH

1993 Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485

1995 Presentation of the Diacomp® diamond polisher for processing composites

2000 75 year anniversary. Successful market introduction of grinding tools combining ceramic and synthetic. (EVE Diadur® and EVE Diabond)

2005 Opening of a sales branch with a warehouse in the USA

2006 Relocation to a new production and administration building at Wilferdinger-Höhe in Pforzheim. Production space is doubled.

2007 IDS innovations EVE Diaone (composite polisher on plastic shaft), EVE Diasynt® (synthetic grinding tool for processing zirconium oxide) as well as Diacomp® Ultra (single-stage high-performance polisher for composites)

2009 Presentation of Prophyclean® for cleaning natural teeth and for removing plaque.

2010 85 year anniversary of EVE Ernst Vetter GmbH

2011 Construction and inauguration of the building extension for departments production, tool construction and warehouse.

2012 EVE America moves into new premises in Naples, Florida

2014 EVE acquires company BeKuTec - a specialist in packaging and injection moulding machines

2014 Development of the TWIST polishing system. A flexible lamella for polishing any surface structure.

2015 At IDS 2015 EVE presents the TWIST polishing system in the product lines Diacomp Plus, Diapol and Eveflex.