Contact persons

Feel free to contact us. We are pleased to help you.


Jon Forstreuter

Head of Global Sales Jon Forstreuter

Simon Staufner

Area Sales Manager Simon Staufner

Max Weichert

Area Sales Manager Max Weichert

Maurice Pietzka

Product Manager Maurice Pietzka

Kathrin Linzas

Head of Internal Sales Kathrin Linzas

Timo Herr

Sales Assistant Timo Herr


Ursula Barth

Head of Administration Ursula Barth

Manuela Schreiner

Order Processing Manuela Schreiner


Christian Frank

Purchasing Manager Christian Frank


Dominique Kemps

Marketing Manager Dominique Kemps

Christina Lakomek

Marketing Assistant Christina Lakomek

QM & Regulatory

Werner Fretz

Quality Manager Werner Fretz

Markus Schmidtke

Head of Regulatory Affairs Markus Schmidtke

Research & Development

Maria Mauke

Head of Research and Development Maria Mauke

Operations Management

Mathias Junesch

Operations Manager Mathias Junesch

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